Run for My Life

May 18, 2014

There was a time when I was obese. I was 45lbs heavier, my BMI was 32 and I didn't care. Not one bit. I would get off from work, drive to a Jack-in-the-Box and order a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger for the drive home. After eating the burger on the way home, I would arrive home and have a full dinner with the family. Of course, that was all on top of the hamburger I already had for lunch and a large bowl of cereal I had for breakfast. And there was the constant snacking throughout the day that included sunflower seeds (sodium), Pop Tarts (sugar), and assorted bags of chips (hello sodium again). I’m not proud of what I did to my body.

My wife gently prodded me to take care of myself. I did not listen. My son arrived and even though I knew I should take better care of myself, I did not. I continued to tell myself that I would lose the weight, that I would eat better and that I would exercise. But, I did not. My daughter arrived and reminded me that I should take better care of myself, I did not. My doctor gave me a choice: Lifestyle change or pills for the three things that would put me in the grave quicker than I should be headed there (high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol). In my denial, I chose lifestyle change. Then, I did nothing.

So, here I was taking three pills a day. I had one of those pill boxes that had a compartment per day so that I could remember to take my pills. It was not optimal, hell, it was not good at all.

I did some research and found out some of the horrible things that could happen if I kept up abusing my body the way I did. The worst was diabetic neuropathy that could affect the feet. The nerves slowly get damaged and then they don't feel anything at all. Heat, cold or pain. Nothing. Add to that peripheral vascular disease, where the blood flow lessens the farther away something is from the heart and there is something of nightmares. Since you cannot feel pain, if you get cut on the bottom of your foot, you will not feel it. The lower blood flow means that the cut does not heal as fast and could lead to gangrene. Bye-bye foot. Not. Good.

One night, I was doing research on pedometers. Striiv and Fitbits. The next morning my wife coincidentally asks if I would like to get one.  I did and it changed my life. I had a Striiv first, but returned it for a Fitbit which had more data - I have OCD when it comes to data and the Fitbit helped feed that OCD.

Ten things that I have learned:

That's me and my journey -- which continues as I still have a few pounds to lose. I had been meaning to write about my journey for a while now. I really wrote it to remind myself of what I learned, but figured I could share.

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