Good Bye Philips

UPDATE 9/23/2016: Here is a post that has video showing how the Philips handles a disc that is not pristine, with a comparision to a Samsung UBD-K8500.

Oh, I really liked you Philips BDP7501. I even wrote a really nice review about you. There was one annoyance that just drove me to return you to Best Buy.

I wrote in the original review that the Philips had issues with scratched and scuffed discs. And it continued to have issues to my great annoyance. But, something happened today that made me think it was not just scratches ands scuffs. I picked up a copy of Captain America: Civil War and was playing it when it got to the airport fight scene and then the Philips paused, stuttered and skipped. This was a brand new disc, looking at the disc it was pristine. Sigh.

I tried the disc in the PS4 and it worked fine. I hooked up the Samsung BD-J6300 and it worked in there too. Sigh. Out of curiosity, I had borrowed (no laughing) a copy of Fast and Furious 6 from the library on Blu-ray. It is a pretty scratched and scuffed disc. It stuttered and skipped a lot in the Philips. It worked just fine on the PS4 and Samsung.

The Philips BDP7501 does not seem very robust when it comes to sightly damaged discs. That is unfortunate because I really do like the player in general. I can’t recommend the BDP7501 anymore, as much as it can’t handle slightly damaged discs, it seems to have issues with new discs also. I packed up the Philips BDP7501 and returned it to Best Buy already.