Leap Year Of Run


No matter what happened in 2016, I will always remember this as the year that I ran at least a mile per day, every day of the leap year. 366 days, 367 runs.

2016 Badge

I ran when I was sick. I ran when I had a bad back. I ran when it was hot. I ran when it was cold. I ran a lot on the treadmill. I ran over bridges. I ran up hills. I ran in San Diego. I ran in Bellevue, WA. I ran a lot in San Jose.

Downtown Disney

The most memorable runs this year were at Disneyland. Waking up early in the morning before the sun rose and going out to run while Downtown Disney was empty is quite an experience. Seeing all the hotels while running; seeing crews getting Downtown Disney ready for the upcoming crowds; and being in Downtown Disney when all is quiet is something I will remember forever.

2016 Overview

I am tired, I started this “run every day” thing December 15, 2015 and I am currently on a streak of 383 runs.

What’s up for 2017? Run 384, then 385 and so on. :)