Plex DVR

November 9, 2016

So, back when the Plex DVR was announced, I was super skeptical about the product. Yes, I liked that there was more competition on the market (to give Tablo a nudge).

I also liked that Plex was getting into a business of helping people gain media legally and easily. This is one of the problems that Plex has, it is a great media server that collects, sorts, presents and plays media. But, getting media into Plex is either difficult (recording OTA broadcasts then moving them over to a Plex server) or illegal (Torrenting) or a bit of both (ripping one's own optical media).

What Plex DVR does is allow people with an antenna and SiliconDust HDHomerun device to capture OTA broadcasts into their Plex library and play it back when they want. I have been testing the Plex DVR for about a month now and have turned off the Tablo. Here are some thoughts about Plex DVR, hitting on some of the concerns I brought up when Plex DVR was announced:

There's probably more that I want to write, but this will be it for now. I will write more as I continue to use Plex DVR.

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