Movies: Digital vs Physical

November 26, 2016

I still buy movies and I still buy them on physical media. There are a few reasons:

Outside of the above reasons, there's a big reason to go with physical media: Cost. The cost of physical vs streaming is insane, both for movies on sale and regular priced movies. This last Black Friday, I picked up five movies. All on sale, all come with a digital streaming code:

Even if one is not interested in physical media, buying a physical copy to get the Ultraviolet code is sometimes much cheaper than buying the digital copy only. So, not only will one have the convenience of streaming, but also have a superior quality physical copy of the film. Not sure what the argument against this is. It almost seems like the movie studios are trying to sell more physical media -- or they think that the public is stupid and will buy the more expensive streaming version alone. Shrug.

And on the rental front, I (like a lot of people) live close to a Redbox kiosk. Renting from Redbox is easy, just go to the website, reserve a movie then go pick it up. Yes, it's not as convenient as sitting on the couch and renting a streaming version of a film. But, the pricing is again insane. Taking a quick look (for Bluray vs HDX, both 1080p):

The best thing about Redbox is that if one subscribes to their mailing list, they send coupons every week (usually on Friday) and those coupons are usually take $1 off any rental or sometimes "rent one get one free". It's hard to beat a $1 rental of a new release.

Apparently, the price of convenience is pretty high.

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