Hello NFS

So, exactly nine months ago, I left NearlyFreeSpeech and fired up my own Droplet at DigitalOcean running nginx and serving up my static sites. Along the way, I used the Droplet for playing with Mastodon and Pleroma. Pleroma was a bunch of fun, but recently it had been acting up. I debugged it a few times, but it is something that I didn’t want to do after work. So, after having my fun with self-hosting a server to join the Fediverse, I’m back at @mookie@mastodon.social and not bothering to deal with hosting myself.

I really thought I would do more with my Droplet to justify the extra cost and work, but I didn’t. That left me paying $5/mo for a Droplet hosting static content. I visited NearlyFreeSpeech again and used their cost calculator to see what it would cost to host my two static sites there and it came out to less than half the cost of running my nginx Droplet. So, in a cyclic way, I moved everything back to NearlyFreeSpeech after nine months of running my own server.