Producing Again

I have been quite the consumer lately, as seen from my Trakt feed. For movies, I have a habit of keeping notes on each movie that I watch. But, I haven’t sat down to write a review in a long time. For personal stuff, I still journal everyday, but my public writing has been pretty light – and public posts are usually notes from things that I am experimenting with.

I have been up to a bunch of stuff, but have not been writing about them. I plan on doing some more writing, even if it is short.


I got a Pleroma instance setup on so that I have my own stomping grounds on the Fediverse again – I am a serial producer of pop-up Fediverse instances and I am back again. You can find me on with random short postings and random conversations – feel free to ping me on the Fediverse at @[email protected].


I just finished up revamping ultramookie. My old mmb script was never all that great since it was a quick weekend project to create a static site creation tool when there weren’t that many options available. And for that, it did work and it helped me with the old ultramookie site for quite a few years. But, I wanted to start over with something that is more functional and had more bells and whistles. I also wanted something that would allow me to write about movies separately from everything else.

While looking through my Fediverse feeds, I saw Hugo being discussed and I started looking at it. It is a really nice piece of software. I like that it can create a full static site within minutes of installing – though it took me a while because I was trying to figure out what theme to use since there are so many available. I like that I can run Hugo as a server and be able to preview my writing in real-time as I am creating content. This was a pain using mmb since I would have to move a file and render to see what it looked like. That interative process was time consuming. I like that it handles things like tags for me. And I like that it’s Open Source.

I looked at moving all of my old content that was created using mmb over to Hugo. It would require me to move images and also create a header for each entry. I moved a few of the posts that I love to this new Hugo rendered site. I decided to leave the old site as-is at a new subdomain just so that I can have those posts available.

So, here it is. My first post with Hugo and hopefully my return to producing a little bit more.