Au Revoir Hello Mookie

In 2011, I was in the mood to buy domains and host stuff. I took a page from J.R. Conlin’s playbook and created a landing page for myself: Hello Mookie. I even did a spin on what he wrote on his page (“Simplicity is never over-rated”) with: simplicity is underrated.

I found, after switching to Hugo for generating my ultramookie page last month, that the theme Hugo-Coder allowed to have a nice distinctive front page that did what did: Feature links to other places on the internet that I visit and have a presence on. I pondered for the last few days how I could simplify websites and how I could roll into

I got everything done today. The old archives that had lived on, plus the new archives for my newer writing the previous six years now live in The Vault. The pages now live in the Hello section of I setup a permanent redirect for all traffic to go to’s design did not change since I launched it in 2011, only the links changed as I moved around on the internet. will be turning 20 years old this coming November, it has changed so much since I launched it in 2001.

I really like that the new frontpage showcases what interests me: movies, running, gaming, social and work.

So for simplicity sake, it is time to bid au revoir.