Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

I am looking forward to Halo Infinite because I am a huge Halo fan – I have read a lot of the books, collected many of the soundtracks and watched the movies. 343 Industries confirmed that they have fixed the one reason why I am still not finished the Halo 5: Guardians campaign: I hate that I have to play most the game as someone other than Master Chief (It also doesn’t help that the campaign itself is a little… boring. I will finish it eventually though.)

The gameplay premiere that was released today looks good – though, I thought I would be more wowwed by it, it still looked good. I am hoping that since this is a demo on pre-release code that things will only get better from here.

The grappling hook was a weird addition though – taken straight from Titanfall 2. Plus, the Mjolnir armor is supposedly 1,000lbs, that must be one powerful grappling hook winch! The Warthog sounds less like a military vehicle with a low powerful rumble and more like someone stuck a Prius hybrid engine in it.

343 Industries has said that there won’t be another Halo game after Halo Infinite and that Halo Infinite will be a platform for all Halo stories going forward and will get tech updates along the way too. They mention Halo Infinite will be what they will be building on for at least the next ten years. Impressive.

I am happy to see that it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass.