Another One Bites The Dust


Another self-hosted Mastodon instance bites the dust. I figured (again) that I don’t use a self-hosted instance as much as I thought I would. Adios I migrated everything to, but I have also started using Twitter again: @ultramookie.

This time I remembered that there was a command to erase instances from the federation. I’m not quite sure how well it works, though a quick scan using Google shows that Mastodon instances have forgotten about, but Pleroma instances have not.

The command is:

tootctl self-destruct

I am a constant tinkerer, so I may or may not create another pop-up Mastodon instance in the future. I know I have said that I wouldn’t, but I always end up playing with new releases of Mastodon. I do plan on being active on Twitter more often and having that account around for a while. Though, I have set it up so that tweets self-destruct after a while just to keep the account fresh and clean.