Big 1,000

Toyota Camry XSE 1,000 Miles

Well, it happened today: Mach 5’s odometer has crossed the 1,000 mile mark.

It was in June that the odometer went past 500 miles. And I bought Mach 5 in the middle of March, right before I started working from home. It took three months to get to 500 miles and three more months to get to 1,000 miles.

Quick Update on Fuel

I have put three tanks of gas into Mach 5. One in March (8.4 gallons), one in June (12.6 gallons) and one in September (11.9 gallons). In total, $99.71 in gasoline so far. And because most of my driving has been local with very short distance and I drive aggresively, my miles per gallon are rather low: 22.8 MPG which is well below the 27 MPG city estimate.