Once A Yahoo...

Yahoo! Sign Torn Down

When I saw the picture above in this post on LinkedIn showing the Yahoo! sign being torn down it saddened me knowing that the sign will no longer be on the corner of 1st Ave and N Mathilda Ave in Sunnyvale.

I spent almost ten years at Yahoo! and made so many lifelong friends while working there. I learned so much from all the smart Yahoos and had so many great experiences.

I was there for every Yahoo! CEO except for the first. My daughter remembers meeting Marissa Mayer at a Winter Holiday Party.

I have met both Yahoo! founders and I have a great story about how I met Jerry Yang in the opening months of my employment (ask me!). I remember the first time I went to HRC to explain my hardware ask to Filo.

Yahoo! Sign OG

This is the version of the Yahoo! sign that I will always remember because I took this picture shortly after I joined the company in 2005.

Once a Yahoo, always a Yahoo. It doesn’t matter if the sign is still there, we Yahoos will always be special.

(This is a slightly expanded repost of my original post on LinkedIn.)