OneDrive Can't Sync Right Now Error

I just swapped out an old SATA SSD in my desktop with an NVME (SPEED!) and reinstalled Windows 11.

I started OneDrive to get it started on syncing my 580GB+ of files (I backup my photos to OneDrive). But, OneDrive stopped near the end of the sync at around 500GB with the error “OneDrive Can’t Sync Right Now” and told me to “Please Try Later”.

Restarting my PC didn’t work. Restarting OneDrive didn’t work. Eventually, I found a setting that limits how much data OneDrive can transfer per day. Once I changed that limit, OneDrive started working again.

If you’re experiencing the same error, edit this file:


Update the MaxClientMBTransferredPerDay setting from 537600 to something higher (for instance 1537600 for 1.5TB).

Restart the OneDrive client and things should start working again.