AMD (MediaTek) RZ608 Driver

I recently bought a new mini PC (Minis Forum X500) to replace my giant gaming PC. I don’t really play games on my PC and I wanted to reclaim desk space, lower the noise in the room and reduce electricity usage. When I went to reinstall Windows 11 Pro from scratch, there was no Wi-Fi when the fresh install booted.

The AMD RZ608 Wi-Fi 6E module inside the X500 was developed by MediaTek and there’s no sign of the driver on either AMD or MediaTek’s websites, so I had to dig around to find a driver.

This should work for any machine that is using the AMD RZ608 module.

Wi-Fi Driver

The Device ID for the Wi-Fi networking portion of the RZ608 is subsys_060814c3 and the drivers can be found in the Windows Update Catalog (why Windows Update itself doesn’t download it automatically, I am not sure). Here is a link to the networking drivers. For Windows 11, download the latest one for “Windows - Client”.

Bluetooth Driver

The Hardware ID for the Bluetooth portion of the RZ608 is pid_0608 and the drivers can be found here. For Windows 11, download the latest one for “Windows - Client”.

Installing Drivers

Both downloads will be CAB files. Double-click them and extract the files to different folders.

In the Device Manager, find the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices (which should have yellow triangles next to them). Right-click and select “Update Driver”. From there click “Browse my computer for drivers” and select the folder for the corresponding hardware that is being updated.