ActivityLog2 - Running Analytics in Windows

Disneyland Resort

I use two websites for tracking my runs: Smashrun for analytics and Strava for social.

I have a copy of each and every FIT file for each and every run I have done since 2013. And a few years ago, I could look at them on my own machine using a piece of software named SportTracks. Unfortunately, the company that made that software decided to go online-only. And since then, I have always looked for something that I could use on my machine to view my runs – really just for fun, but also to know that I have options.

There are options for cycling like Golden Cheetah, but I never found something that supported running… Until today when I stumbled upon an OpenSource piece of software named ActivityLog2.

I have been messing with the software today and while it is not the prettiest, it does have nice functionality and lets me analyze my runs without having to upload my FIT files to any online platform. I got distracted when I discovered the heatmap feature in the software – something that Strava puts behind a $60/year paywall – and did not explore much after I found that.

It let me quickly see where I have run before and relive those memories. Like my runs in Anaheim, CA at the Disneyland Resort (shown above).

Disneyland Aulani

Or my runs along side the Pacific at the Disney Aulani Resort.

And the super hot area around my neighborhood where I laid down the most GPS tracks.

Thanks Alex Harsányi for creating and supporting this piece of software. I appreciate it. If you’re running Windows and are looking for a piece of software to explore and analyze your running, give ActivityLog2 a try.