Hamilton Servicing

Back in November, I hand wound my Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date Automatic and something felt weird. Eventually, I saw that when I was hand-winding the watch, the rotor would turn also. I was disappointed that the watch that I had gotten seven months earlier was already having issues.

Since the watch comes with a two-year international warranty, I found the page to contact support and sent them a request for warranty repair. They were quite responsive (me on the other hand took a bit longer to reply and send my watch off).

I sent my watch off at the end of November and they diagnosed it a few days later and determined that it needed to have some repairs – some that I didn’t even ask for (like replacing the clasp which was a bit fiddly). There was a wait for parts, but they got them in, did the repairs and did a full servicing on the watch.

Throughout the process, starting from when they received the watch, I could keep track of status through their online support portal.

Hamilton Travel Case

Hamilton Travel Case and Khaki Pilot Day Date

Hamilton Paperwork and Parts

I got my watch back today and was surprised that they sent it in a nice zipper travel case. The clasp feels much better, the watch is running and I love that they regulated it to be +2 seconds per day. I can’t wait to start wearing my Hamilton again.