I’ll start this review with the end on the review. CopyCat is a tense, scary, and intelligent thriller that everyone has to see.

The difference between CopyCat and most other thrillers is that the two leads are both intelligent women. It’s not a cheap thriller where the muscle-bound gun toting man comes and rescues the screaming ditsy blonde from the bad guy. It treats the audience as smart people and slowly builds us up to a strange, but satisfying, ending.

Sigourney Weaver plays Helen Hudson, a crime analyst and author haunted by an attempt on her life by a serial killer. She has not left the house in over a year. She knows her serial killers. Holly Hunter plays a cop, Mary Jane Monahan, who is working her first serial case. She tracks down Weaver’s character, Hudson, after Hudson calls the precinct to give clues to the serial murders. Mary Jane wants Hudson to help out with the case because of her familiarity with serial killers. The story follows the case of the serial killer who is copying the styles of different serial killers in history. And the final victim seems to be Hudson herself.

Harry Connick Jr. has a short but important part in CopyCat. He gives a very creepy performance. Holly Hunter gives the best performance as Mary Jane. Weaver is good, but not as good as Hunter.

Worth mentioning is the musical score by Christopher Young which gives a eerie mood to the film. Jon Amiel does a good job at keeping the movie’s pace quick and keepinig the tension high.

To end this review I’ll ask, do you remember the beginning?