Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo

“Gigo-Who?” Deuce Bigalow asks as he meets Antoine the male gigolo.

Did I laugh during Duece Bigalow? Yes, sporadically, I laughed so loud that my family had thought I’d gone nuts. But, there were also the down times in the movie where Duece gets to give big thoughtful speeches, which is kind of weird in a comedy like this.

It is nice though to see a comedy like this, a comedy that is sophomoric in a lot of the sense, that has a main character who has a heart of gold and who cares for the people around him. Duece Bigalow (Rob Schneider) is a fish tank cleaner, who is a loser and cannot get a date. As fortune has it, he ends up fish-sitting for Antoine (Oded Fehr) who is a male gigolo (“I give women pleasure”). After Antoine leaves, Bigalow gets himself into some monetary trouble and ends up dabbling into the gigolo business with his Man-Madam T.J. Hicks (Eddie Griffin). Bigalow becomes a Man-Whore (I just had to work that into the review because it just sounds funny, Man-Whore). Well, a romance ensues when he meets a wonderful girl. But, there is always the conflict and in this comedy, the conflict comes from a cop named Chuck Fowler (William Forsythe) who is hot on the trail of Hicks and Antoine.

I’ve always liked Schneider. He’s funny without being annoying and that’s just how he is in Duece Bigalow. Unlike other comedians who are just plain annoying and try to pass that off as funny (Jim Carrey being one of them), Schneider is genuinely funny and he does well with the heart-of-gold role of Bigalow. Oded Fehr over does his part as the mean and anal Antoine but in the end it all works out. And Eddie Griffin is good as Hicks, I loved the Jacuzzi scenes with the food. Those were hilarious. And it is just hilarious how he says, “Man-Whore.” The one actor that had me scratching my head was William Forsythe. His scowling detective seemed out of place and he just seemed like he was trying to hard.

Overall, Duece Bigalow is a funny film. It’s quite enjoyable and well-worth a rental to enjoy on a quiet day. Duece Bigalow: Male Gigolo gets a high recommendation, but lacks enough to get a Don’t Miss nod.