Fantastic Four

5 out of 10

Fantastic Bore. Wow, this reboot of the 2005 and 2007 films should not have been made. This film is drab and boring. And even with its short 100 minute running time, it felt too long.

The 2005 and 2007 films were colorful, fun and humorous. Everything that this new reboot is not. Sure the 2005 and 2007 films were not the best written films, but they were fun to watch. This reboot has an hour of origin story and then forty minutes of… well, definitely not payoff. The final fight was… missing. The actors all seemed to be there to only collect a paycheck. The film feels like something that had too many studio hands in the process.

After seeing Miles Teller in Whiplash, I wonder if he is a one-hit wonder. He has shown he is a fantastic actor, but after Whiplash, he really has not done anything good. C’mon Teller, be more picky about the scripts you accept.

Do yourself a favor, don’t bother with Fantastic Four. Really, just don’t.


So, lets get to Doom. What was Doom’s end game? I could not figure it out. He goes to Planet Zero. He creates a portal that is made to suck Earth through and destory Earth. And what happens after that Doom? Earth is destroyed, you’re on Planet Zero alone. You live happily ever after as a lonely psychopath watching cached cat videos?