Get Carter

It was the slick poster and the slick trailer of Get Carter that got me into the theatre to watch this film. Had it not been for that, I probably would have waited for video to see this movie starring aging action star Sylvester Stallone. So, was it worth the trip?

Jack Carter (Sylvester Stallone) is a brutal hitman who travels to Seattle for his brother’s funeral. When he gets to Seattle he finds that his brother’s death may not be what it was said to be and Carter sets out to find the killer. In Seattle, Carter returns to his old life where people fear him. Where he is the local tough guy, the bad guy. He meets his old bad buddies, like Cyrus (Mickey Rourke). He meets his troubled niece Doreen (Rachael Leigh Cook) who somehow is connected to everything that is happening in the movie. There is a thread about Carter’s affair with his boss’ wife but that never gets full treatment and feels tacked on.

Get Carter is a remake of the 1971 version. I’ve not seen the original, so I can’t comment on how the two compare. But, looking at the credits it’s nice to see Michael Caine who played Jack Carter in the original taking a larger role in this remake. The story of Get Carter is nothing special. It does have its twists and turns, but it sometimes lost me. The film will also make you laugh with its subtle humor Stallone delivers some of his lines with comedic perfection.

So, what’s the hook of Get Carter? Style. The style that Get Carter is shot is so different that at points it distracts from the story. But, I loved it. The style in which Get Carter is shot gives the film a sort of charm that if it did not have, it would not have been so enjoyable. Kudos to director Stephen T. Kay, cinematographer Mauro Fiore, and editor Jerry Greenberg for an injection of style into what would have otherwise been a bland film.

How’s Stallone? Perfect. Stallone gives one of his best performances in recent memory. Kudos to Stallone for one great performance. The other good performance is Rachael Leigh Cook. Mickey Rourke turns in a nice performance and is genuinely tough on screen.

Catch Get Carter, you’ll be entertained throughout it’s running time.