Godzilla 2000

Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin get out your notebooks! This is going to be a lesson on how to make a real Godzilla movie! Take a look at Godzilla 2000, the special effects are not multi-million dollar computer generated effects like the ones in your Godzilla. They are of aguy in a rubber-suit for crying out loud! But, Godzilla 2000 is so much better then your steaming pile of dung, why? Because Godzilla 2000 has something that your Godzilla didn’t: FUN.

Godzilla 2000 is a fun movie that has all the campiness of the old Godzilla films. The movie is pure tongue-in-cheek campy old style monster-disaster-film-making with some touches of modern special effects. The story is the standard fare Godzilla vs. type. This time around it’s Godzilla vs. A Big UFO. There are some cliched characters in the movie, but they aren’t that important since what we’re really looking for is Godzilla stomping around in Tokyo – and that we get a lot of.

The dubbing of the movie is classic and adds much to the feel of the film. Godzilla 2000 shows just how much Hollywood summer blockbusters rely more on special effects over just pure fun. Emmerich and Devlin I hope you learn something from Godzilla 2000 – size doesn’t matter, fun does. Don’t Miss Godzilla 2000 on DVD.