The Greatest Hits

7 out of 10

The Greatest Hits

“I think that’s the most terrifying and amazing part of being a human being. Our capacity to move on.”

Music brings me back in time, to very specific moments in my life. I’m sure it happens to most of us. The Greatest Hits takes this high concept and makes a somber romantic movie of it.

The movie deals with the theme of loss, grief and trauma. It shows this through two people dealing with it in their own ways, but one in a very specific way – she literally is brought back into the past when she hears songs related to those moments. The characters learn how to let go and start living in the present tense.

The score for the film is great and it is paired with an excellent selection of songs – and the latter is important because the movie itself revolves around music.

The cinematography for the film is fantastic. It’s scenes and views of Los Angeles are some of the best I’ve seen since Michael Mann’s Collateral – it shows a stylized, street-level view of LA with some broad shots that give some color.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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