Hit Man

8 out of 10

Do you know who you really are?

I really enjoyed this movie. The premise for the movie that is “somewhat based on a true story” is intriguing and the way that Linklater and Powell’s script works makes it even better – the movie doesn’t follow the three act structure that we’re used to. It spends a lot of time developing the Gary Johnson character before getting to the catalyst for the conflict of the movie.

This is one of few movies that left me completely wondering how they were going to end the movie and tie up threads – and to that end, the movie really stuck the landing.

Glen Powell and Adria Arjona have great onscreen chemistry.

Powell is fantastic in the movie and is convincing as Gary, the mild mannered professor of philosophy, and as Ron the macho badass hitman persona he embodies when he goes undercover – as one of the characters says, “I would rip my IUD out for Ron.” I love how the movie explores how Gary deals with his own identity as he takes on the Ron persona more and more.

Unfortunately, the character Madison (Arjona) isn’t as well developed and I wish the character could have had more than the paper thin background that she’s given.

I will say that the ending is something that some people may not really like or agree with. I found it satisfying as it is the only way things could have ended without the movie feeling inauthentic.

“Seize the identity you want for yourself.”

Streamed on Netflix.