4 out of 10

This movie is about what happens when office politics gets out of hand.

I.S.S. squandered its interesting premise on a first half that is too slow and a back half that takes a turn for the terrible, tossing all logic out the door to try to be a thriller that it is not. The characters are wholly unbelievably, underdeveloped and lacking any logical motivation.

Everyone is overdoing the swinging back and forth to try to simulate zero-g. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were on a boat in some choppy waters rather than in space. The camera motion is also a bit much.

John Gallagher Jr.‘s character is the worse in the movie because of the inconsistency of the character. Having written that, his performance at the end of the movie is absolutely fantastic.

For a 90-minute movie, it certainly overstayed its welcome.

Streamed on Netflix.