Lake Placid

There is no Lake Placid in the movie Lake Placid. Strange, huh? Well, there isn’t really any horror or laughs in this horror comedy film either. Lake Placid comes from David E. Kelley, better known for his excellent TV shows (currently Ally McBeal and The Practice). It’s a mystery to me how he could have written such a horrible film.

If you do decide to rent this waste of time, you’ll find a film about people bickering and arguing. Everyone in the film bickers and that’s all they do. A million dollar cast including Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, and Oliver Platt and all it amounts to is having these actors bicker on screen. All the actors do what they can with their parts and that isn’t saying much.

Lake Placid is about a crocodile from Asia who for some unanswered reason (the question is brought up in the film but never answered) ended up in a lake in Maine. The crocodile is hungry and eats large animals like cows, bears, and even men.

About the funniest thing in Lake Placid is the flying cow, but it’s only fun at first sight. After you see the flying cow for a few minutes – and it does drag out for a while – it gets to be old and I started to wonder how angry that cow was.

Skip, skip, skip.