Never Been Kissed

Someone give a pat on the back to Drew Barrymore’s agent. This agent has literally erased the bad girl image of Barrymore with the last few films she has done. And with Never Been Kissed it’s not any different, Barrymore is just so lovable in this film.

Never Been Kissed is not a plausible film by any means: A 25 year old copy editor from the Chicago Sun Times, who has never really been kissed, is sent back to high school to do an undercover story about high school life in the 90s. But, this implausibility is instantly lost as we meet Josie (Barrymore) Gellar, the copy who is going to be sent on the assignment. Barrymore is so cute and huggable in this film that we instantly relate to her.

Josie is, at first, ecstatic about the undercover assignment it marks her first writing assignment for the Sun Times. But, as her brother Rob (David Arquette) reminds her of the things that she went through her first time in high school she starts to withdraw from the idea of going back a second time. Josie was a loser in high school, known as “Josie Grossie”, and it takes a bit of pep talking from Rob to get her to go back to high school. As Josie starts high school again she meets a very attractive English teacher, Sam, and this establishes the romantic part of this romantic comedy.

At the heart of Never Been Kissed is a story of finding oneself and second chances. We see this theme in Josie’s story, but also in Rob’s. The story is heartwarming and funny and will definitely appeal to many especially those who are currently in high school or about to enter high school. This is a film that falls squarely in the crowd-pleaser category and it succeeds wildly at this.

Barrymore is so sweet in Never Been Kissed that it’s hard to criticize her performance. Her performance is just fine in Never Been Kissed though sometimes a bit hokey, like early on in the film where she describes how she’s never really been kissed. The performance that I liked the most is David Arquette’s. Arquette gives an energetic performance as Josie’s loser brother who dreams of playing baseball in the majors.

Don’t Miss Never Been Kissed in the theatres. This is a film that will make you all warm and fuzzy by the end of the film. This film will also have you leaving the theatre with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.