One Fine Day

The best word to describe the movie One Fine Day is “nice.” This movie is one of those films that are so nice that it doesn’t have to work hard to get the audience to like it.

One Fine Day stars George Clooney as an investigative reporter some New York paper. Michelle Pfeiffer is some sort of architect; at least that’s what I figured her to be. Both of them are single parents, each with a single child.

Well, the story is formulaic at best, the two meet, they hate each other, somehow they find that they’re in love, they are stubborn and don’t admit it, they end up happily ever after together. But, it’s not the story that makes the movie; it’s the general way in which the movie “behaves” that gives it likeability. It has a certain charm that hooked me. Kudos to director Michael Hoffman and writer Terrel Seltzer and Ellen Simon for putting together a movie that has such wonderful charm.

There’s not much more to say about the film, it’s just so nice. Clooney and Pfeiffer both give good performances. And the score from James Newton Howard fits the film very well. The one thing that didn’t fit in the film was that scandal that Clooney’s character had to take care of, but that’s a small, tiny, complaint and is quickly overlooked.

If you want a romantic comedy that will make you smile, pick up One Fine Day. This is a wonderful film. Don’t Miss One Fine Day.