Operation Condor

Released in 1990, Operation Condor was originally released over-seas as The Armor of Gods 2:Operation Condor. But seeing the original is not important, Condor is a self-contained story.

Dimensions Film has put together a new English dubbing and soundtrack for the US release of the film. This is along with a few edits here and there. Unlike the previous three Jackie Chan releases (Rumble in the Bronx, Supercop, and First Strike), which were directed by Stanley Tong, Jackie Chan is directing, writing, and starring in Operation Condor. Also different from the previous three releases, Operation Condor has a different feel to it.

Jackie Chan plays an agent for the UN named Jackie, but code-named Condor. After a spectacular opening sequence, which is a hilarious parody of the opening sequence to the first Indiana Jones film, the UN calls Jackie. There is a stash of gold buried somewhere in the Sahara by some Nazis. The Nazis stole the gold during World War 2 and buried it at the end of the war just as they were losing the war. To tag along with Jackie is Ada, a beautiful Chinese liaison who knows about the gold. But along the way the grand daughter of the leader of the Nazi group that buried the gold joins them. Also joining is a Japanese woman who has a pet scorpion.

Jackie and group are battling two groups of men trying to get to the gold also. But, as most of us know, we don’t go to see a Jackie Chan film for plot and character development. We see Jackie films for action, and there is plenty of action in Operation Condor. The action consists mostly of fighting scenes that are all well choreographed and highly entertaining. There is also the crazy, funny, and silly comedy for which Jackie has the perfect timing for. Most of the times the comedy will leave a silly grin on you face.

Of all the re-released Jackie films in the US, this one is the one with the most action. It is also the one that is most quirky. The film switches moods quickly and abruptly, but, doing this well. It can go from dead serious to slapstick comedy in the snap of a finger.

Operation Condor is a funny movie with lots of spectacular action. It is also a film you’ll want to see on the big screen. So, go see it. And don’t leave right when the credits roll because you’ll miss the outtakes.