Picture Perfect

Is Picture Perfect a good date film? No. But, it does redeem itself in some ways.

Jennifer Aniston (“Friends”) is Kate Mosley. Kate is an unmarried woman, with all kinds of bad luck with men. Kate wants to get promoted in her company, but her boss tells her that he wants a woman that is married and that has something to tie her to the company (mostly big bills.) Kate’s best friend, and co-worker, shows Kate’s boss a picture that Kate took at a wedding. The picture is of Kate and a photographer, Nick, (Jay Mohr, from Jerry Maguire.) Kate’s best friend “sells” Kate, and wins Kate a promotion.

Instead of going straight to the boss and being honest about it, Kate plays along for two reasons: 1) to keep the promotion and 2) to win the heart of some jerk (Kevin Bacon, who is looking a bit old for the part.) This is the silly plot that Picture Perfect uses. And at times, if you can forget about how silly the plot is, the movie is actually pretty funny. Aniston has good comic timing, and it shows in Picture Perfect. The film is somewhat confusing up until the end there is never a real feeling to who Kate really wants, Nick or the jerk.

I’m not sure who the costume designer was, or if there even was one, but the outfits that Aniston wears during the film are horrible. And I’m not the type to talk about outfits either, but these dresses were completely awful. The one that was worst, I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, is the green one that she wears to the first dinner party after her promotion. The next one, that destroys her figure is the brown one that she wears to the wedding where she meets Nick.

Next to the silliness of the premise and the bad costumes, Picture Perfect is a mediocre film, that could have been shorter. The whole movie has a sitcom feel to it, and that’s a hard thing to shake off, especially if your star is widely recognized as a sitcom actress. If you have time, catch Picture Perfect on video, but it’s a definite skip for seeing in the theatres.