Rush Hour 2

When you go to see Rush Hour 2 keep this in mind: More of the same. Is this a bad thing? No, not with Rush Hour 2. If you enjoyed the first Rush Hour, you’ll love this sequel.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return as the odd couple. This time the duo is in Hong Kong investigating a mysterious explosion at the US Embassy. This leads to a drug ring and also a conterfeiting ring. The story also is a globe-trotting story; going from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Las Vegas (OK, not too much trotting, but still :)) The story really isn’t important with Rush Hour 2 – the comedy and the action is.

Tucker brings on the comedy and he is hilarious, though sometimes it feels like he’s going just a little too far. But, no matter, Tucker is hilarious in this movie. Chan brings on the action. And although he’s aging quickly (he’s already 49), age doesn’t seem to be taking any toll on Chan. He’s as flexible as ever and quick as hell. The two have good chemistry on screen.

Joining these two on screen is John Lone as a evil man who could have been the killer of Lee’s (Chan) father, Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as a vicious killer (she’s more like a Bond-girl in this movie), and Roselyn Sanchez as some beautiful eye-candy (she plays a Secret Service Agent). There’s a great cameo by Don Cheadle in the film.

Yes, the movie could have been more, but it’s OK. As it stands Rush Hour 2 is not better than the original, rather it’s just as good as the original (except with a bigger budget which shows on screen). Chan complained that he didn’t have enough time to choreograph the intricate stunts in the film and I have to agree. I’ve seen better Chan stunts before. Too bad director Brett Ratner rushed Rush Hour 2 because of this. Maybe he should have taken more time with the script and let Chan do some of his wonderful choreographing.

Should you see Rush Hour 2? Definitely! Don’t Miss Rush Hour 2 in the theatres.