Space Jam

Michael Jordan in a film, why not? He’s done just about everything else.

Space Jam is a strange mix of biography and fiction. Taking from the life of Jordan and mixing that with the Looney Tunes. Space Jam takes place somewhere between Jordan ending his baseball career and starting back with basketball.

The story involves aliens from the planet Moron Mountain, who need some new attractions for their theme park. It seems that the patrons of Moron Mountain are just bored with the current attractions. Accidentally they run into the Looney Tunes on TV. So, five little aliens are dispatched to take the Looney Tunes back to Moron Mountain. But, in a turn of events, they have to challenge the Tunes to a game of basketball. The Tunes think they have it made out for them, until the little aliens morph into super star basketball players. The Tunes need some help, who else can the call upon but the basketball great, Michael Jordan?

The biggest attraction in Space Jam is not as much Michael and his basketball skills, but the well integration of animation with live action. The animation consists of a mix of computer-generated animation and cell animation. Bugs, Daffy, Taz, and friends look better than ever.

Michael Jordan in his first movie role does well. Though this is not saying much since his role is not all that taxing. Other basketball players, such as Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, are also featured, but only in brief. The real stars of Space Jam are the Looney Tunes. The Tunes are a hoot to watch, like always.

Space Jam is a wonderfully entertaining movie that is well suited for both the adults and the children. Don’t miss this one.