Twin Dragons

A review of a Jackie Chan film is something that no one really reads. Chan films are films in which you go, you sit, you enjoy the action, and you leave. There’s no real story, acting, or character building. Chan films are all about the wow-effect of the action. And Twin Dragons has a lot of that wow-effect.

The story for Twin Dragons is pretty thin. A pair of twins separated at birth are finally reunited by accident. One twin, named Boomer (Jackie Chan), is a tough guy and the other, named John Ma (Jackie Chan), is a brilliant musician/composer. When John comes to Hong Kong to conduct one of his pieces, he bumps into Boomer by accident. What ensues is a whole lot of ridiculous plot, but that’s not a big deal since Chan films are about the action and not the paper thin plots.

The action in Twin Dragons is non-stop. From the very start to the very last seconds Twin Dragons is packed with action. All of it amazing and all of it hilarious. Chan’s action is what makes him stand out from other action movie stars - there is a sense of humour that accompanies his action. This humour along with Chan’s natural onscreen charisma makes him the most likeable action star in the world. The only complaint I have with the action here is that there are some sequences where the use of handguns is too prevalent. In Chan films the fans go to see Chan’s incredible dexterity and quick fists-of-fury in the fight sequences, not a John Woo double-fisted pistol gunfight – this is a small complaint though. While on the subject of John Woo who as a child aspired to become a priest, look for Woo’s cameo late in Twin Dragons as the priest performing a marriage.

As always, my reviews of Chan films are quite short, either you have already gone to see them on your own accord or you just don’t have the motivation to go. So, my reviews are always the motivator for those of you in the second category to go see the latest Chan film. Don’t Miss Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragons. It’s more action and comedy than his last film Rush Hour. One thing to mention is that sadly missing from the end of Twin Dragons is the familiar bloopers reel.