Shuttlepod One (ENT S01E16)

January 24, 2017

Trip and Reed are stuck in Shuttlepod One. The sensors are offline and they spot some debris from the Enteprise on an asteroid. They think that Enterprise has been destroyed. Reed is boring and pessimistic about their situation. Trip is positive, though quite angry at Reed for his pessimism. It's like the Odd Couple in a Shuttlepod.

Reed is aggravatingly annoying. I can understand why Trip is so angry.

The two come to bond and become friends. We start to see a different side of Reed and understand him more.


How is there gravity in the Shuttlepod?

Reed's dream of T'Pol was awkward. Was it really necessary in this episode?

From what I have read this episode was filmed on a small budget. It turned out great and is one of my favorites of this season.