North Star (ENT S03E09)

April 11, 2017

The crew of the Enterprise investigate a strangely Earth-like town that is reminiscent of a Western film.


And we now take a break from the more interesting Xindi storyline for a Western diversion.

I always thought Archer was a cowboy type character, he fits in great in this episode.

Is that another two costumes for T'Pol?

There's no Prime Directive yet, but did Archer just break it?

Why would the Skagarens transport humans to this planet complete with weapons? Unless one of the people that were transported there just happened to know exactly how to create Earth-like firearms.

Archer will kick your ass, even with only one arm.

This was a darned entertaining episode, and this is coming from a guy who is not particularly a fan of Westerns. It did have minor problems, but still very entertaining.

It is unfortunate, that the writers for the show can't decide if they want to do a serialized season or an episodic season (like seasons one and two). I wish they would have concentrated on the Xindi storyline and not have these filler type episodes -- even if some, like this one are really entertaining.