Demons (ENT S04E20)

June 18, 2017

A Vulcan-Human newborn in the care of humans. The beginnings of the Federation.


"Clap louder, that's an order."

Peter Weller's first time on Star Trek? I remember him as the evil guy in Into Darkness.

The Tucker T'Pol thing continues with a baby!

Malcolm back in the game with the spies.

Terra Prime a group that does not like aliens and have the T'ucker baby.

Peter Weller is evil in the episode. Doesn't he get to play a good guy in Star Trek ever?

A murder mystery and the crew of the Enterprise is on it.

Anthony Montgomery's acting is painfully stiff.

Need to investigate a group of people who hate aliens? Send T'Pol, an alien. Sigh.

"Terra Prime forever!" Really? That's the best that you can come with?