Terra Prime (ENT S04E21)

June 18, 2017

Wrapping up the Terra Prime mini-arc. Terra Prime is on Mars able to fire on Earth with an asteroid defense system.


The subtext of racism is not very subtle.

What happens when Mars and Earth are on opposite sides of the Sun?

The baby is a test tube baby. There's has been a spy on Enterprise.

Malcolm trying to look unsuspicious looks quite suspicious.

Hoshi in the captain's chair. That's a first and growth for the character.

Phlox's bag scene was hilarious.

Carl Sagan Memorial Station on Mars.

Who is this Hoshi?

The Vulcan and Human DNA are incompatible. Not true.

Kelby is like the ship's punching bag.

Phlox's family speech was genuinely touching. Billingsley performance was wonderful in this episode.