Microsoft's Passport Service Under Fire

july 15, 2001

Microsoft has plans for it's Passport service (you know whenever you log into HoTMaiL and MSN you go through the Passport service, right?). It plans to make it the centralized hug of user information and passwords for many ecommerce sites. Do you think Microsoft should have this kind of power? Will you stop using sites that rely on Microsoft Passport? Or do you think that this is just really nothing and that websites already individually track what your doing...Read the article by San Jose Mercury for more info. ([url=" target="new]Article[/url])

"Passport, Microsoft's online identification service, lets people enter one name and password for almost anything they do over the Internet, from sending photos and e-mail to shopping and paying bills. It could also become the ID verification system for much more sophisticated transactions such as routing insurance information and matching someone's location to nearby entertainment through wireless devices.

"But as those Web services get closer to reality, Passport has come under fire from various groups. Some privacy advocates have charged it creates a massive consumer database and could be used as a surveillance network."

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