Toshiba Jumps Into The PDA Business

july 16, 2001

"Japanese electronics conglomerate Toshiba Corp unveiled on Monday its first personal digital assistant (PDA), due for launch in Japan next month and in the United States this autumn and aimed at high-end corporate users."

The thing looks pretty damn neat and the specs are impressive. It's a PocketPC. ([url=]Article[/url])

"Toshiba's Genio handhelds, which at five inches by three inches are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, will use Microsoft Corp's Windows Pocket PC operating system and a 206 megahertz StrongArm processor from Intel Corp."

"The standard version of the Genio will go on sale in Japan on August 20 and retail for about 70,000 yen ($560), while an advanced model with one gigabit of memory in a built-in microdrive will hit the market in late September at 100,000 yen."

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