More Grits For Mookie!

july 24, 2001

Yea, that's right, Mookie's off to Arkansas for a business trip again! Wahoo! I get to have some more grits, gotta love grits (with lots of butter!) Leaving tomorrow (7/25/2001), so I'll see ya'll Friday evening when I get back! What the hell are grits?

According to Quaker's Grits page:

"Grits are made from the milling of corn kernels. The first step in the process is to clean the kernels; then, the grains are steamed for a short time to loosen the tough outer hull. The grain kernel is split, which removes the hull and germ, leaving the broken endosperm. Heavy steel rollers break up the endosperm into granules, which are separated by a screening process. The large-size granules are the grits; the smaller ones become cornmeal and corn flour."

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