Haven't Had This Much Fun In A While

july 31, 2001

Woowee...haven't had this much fun gaming since I got Half-Life. Sure there was Red Alert 2 which was fun, but there hasn't been something this engrossing and captivating and just pure John Woo fun ever! :) What game am I talking about? Read more to find out. The game I just got is Max Payne and it is a blast (sometimes literally). The game is a third-person shooter with a lot of atmosphere and action. And in the tradition of John Woo and Hong Kong action movies, this game is a double-fisted shooter where there isn't five seconds that passes with out some bad guy to tear up. The cool thing about the game is the Bullet Time that you can use when the action gets too heated. Yea, you read it right, Bullet Time, much like the Bullet Time that was employed in The Matrix. It's a slow-motion thing where all the action slows down except for your character Max Payne. You have to see it to see how much it adds to the game. I love this game, it's like starring in a John Woo movie :) If you wanna play a good game, prolly the best of this year, then you gotta play Max Payne.

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