SpyTV Sucks too!

august 10, 2001

Who is flying the plane at NBC?? There's the terrible Downer Show and there's this other specimen: SpyTV. A TV show that's totally over-produced (what's with the dumb-ass truck and that stupid ass Ian Black [or whatever his name is]) and completely unfunny. Actually, the totally unfunny part is not all true, the SpyTV International stuff is hilarious -- but it's obvious that that stuff is not done by these SpyTV people, but lifted from around the world. Hello NBC!! This SpyTV show could be funny, but you have over-produced this thing. My suggestion for the NBC peoples? First, cut out that whole travelling in a truck shit. That is just filler and a complete was of time. Second, lose that Ian guy, he's not the right guy for the job. Third, get some funnier material. Come on, when the International shit is funnier than yours, there's definitely a problem.

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