Bentonville, Arkansas

august 19, 2001

Welp, got back from my latest business trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. Have some PICTURES for ya'll to see. Don and I met up with the BakBone peoples -- David and Priscilla -- at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport where we flew into XNA to start working again. The trip was fun, fun, fun! We ate well. We had some good grits this time at The Waffle House, some yummy ice cream at Braums, and a delicious dinner at Brasio (sp?) Brazil. If you're ever in Bentonville (like that'll ever happen), look for the Brazillian place. It's on Walton. Yummy! On the way home there was a storm a-brewing in DFW, so Don, David, Priscilla, and I re-routed and took a TWA flight to the St. Louis hub. We flew out to St. Louis in a prop-plane. The ride was fantabulous! Lots of wind, lots of turbulance. :) Anyhoo, enjoy the pictures.

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