XBox Pre-Orders Sell Out in 30mins at Amazon, but wait...

september 7, 2001

According to GameSpot.Com (article): "Toys 'R' Us announced today that it sold all its Xbox preorder units in 30 minutes via its Web site." Which initially sounds pretty damn good for Microsoft. Every news site was saying the same thing. Something didn't smell right though. And I figured it out. And here's why... "The number of units sold was not announced, but the console was only sold in bundles retailing for $499." know what? I'm sure that it's bad business to say exactly how many you may have pre-sold, but some estimate would be good. For all I know Toys 'R' Us could have just presold 30 XBox's in 30 minutes and that's all. Sheesh. Sometimes the news sounds great till you look at the details. This is just another Microsoft press release that hides the relevant facts from the public in order to hype their products. Sigh.

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