God Bless America

september 16, 2001

Eileen and I were lucky enough to see the World Trade Center Twin Towers from both afar (on top of the Empire State Building - PICTURES HERE) on June 24, 2001 and also we went shopping in the shopping mall that was located at the base of the Twin Towers (PICTURES HERE). Terrorism never works. The terror attack inflicted on this great county has not acheived what the cowards wanted. Instead of creating an atmosphere of fear in this country, the attacks have only gone to pull together this country. The attacks have unity the people of the United States of America, never have I seen such patriotism in this country. Wherever I go I see an American flag flying. From the mall to a car on the street, the flag flies strong. The cowards who have attacked this great country have awoken a giant. Yes, as a country we've become lax, but I'll tell you this, we are not anymore. The people who have not only done this, but the people who have supported those people and the countries that have supported all of those people will be punished. There is no question in that. This country is united in the stance that we will retaliate and serve justice on all who have caused this great tragedy. Is America in terror? No. Those who have done this injustice to the thousands of innocent people who died in this attack, should you be in terror? Yes. We will find you and the world is going to help. You will have no place to hide, you will have no place to run. You will be found and justice will be served.

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