Whoa! Microsoft has taken it a step further!

september 21, 2001

Looks like Microsoft is really pulling tricks from their playbook. Now they have delayed the XBox release by one week. Hmm...is there trouble in the production of these units? Perhaps. Also the number of units to be at the new launch date looks to be a lot lower than even the reduced numbers announced this morning. (Yahoo! Article)

"Microsoft Corp. said on Friday that it would delay the launch of its XBox video game console by one week to Nov. 15 but declined to say whether the number of units available at launch would meet the company's initial target or fall short, as many now believe inevitable."

According to some retailers the number of actual units that Microsoft is going to ship at launch will be a measly 300,000. That's compared to the planned 700,000 units of Nintendo's GameCube that will be available at that launch just three days later. And this is compared to the 500,000 Playstation 2 units that were shipped on the launch date of the PS2. The 500,000 number at the time of the PS2 launch was called "modest", I wonder what the 300,000 number for the XBox will be called. :) Yet again Microsoft huffs and puffs its chest out, only show that they can't do all they hyped that they could. SIGH.

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