Analyst Say Switch From Microsoft's IIS

september 25, 2001

Ouch, the bad news for Microsoft just keeps coming. Now analysts with the Gartner group are recommending that firms move away from the security hole ridden Microsoft Internet Information Server to Apache or iPlanet because of the continuing security problems/exploits with Microsoft's IIS (remember Code Red? Nimda?) (AP Article)

"Companies hit by recent hacker attacks against Microsoft's Web server software should switch to a new product rather than continuing the battle to keep the Microsoft product secure, an analyst with an influential high-tech research firm said Monday."

On the flip side people argue that, "Other analysts contend that Microsoft's Web servers aren't significantly less secure than other products, but are targeted more often.." That might be true, but the logic behind defeats the argument -- why would hackers target IIS more often? Because it's easier to easier to break into. Sheesh :)

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