Sony PS2 on a Rampage

september 28, 2001

Looks like the Sony Playstation 2 is on a rampage. Sony has almost shipped 18 million units from its launch (Oct. 26, 2000) till the end of August worldwide. Sony has dropped prices in the European market, but just announced that it will keep the $299 price of the US unit. With the Nintendo GameCube coming out at $199 (November 18) and the Microsoft XBox coming out at $299, do you think that Sony sticking with the $299 price for the year old Playstation 2 is a smart move? (IGN Article on Sales)

"That compares quite favorably to the figure of 10,610,000 units registered at the end of March -- 7,300,000 units were shipped in the five months of late spring and summer. The regional breakdown of this figure is as follows: 6,540,000 units in Japan, 7,230,000 units in North America, and 4,140,000 in Europe."

(IGN Article on Pricing)

"In the aftermath of a rather sweeping price reduction of the PlayStation 2 in the European market, Sony Computer Entertainment America clarified...that it would not in turn reduce the North American price of the PlayStation 2."

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