october 3, 2001

Well, I've done it again...Yeah, not to brag or anything (OK, I'm kind of bragging) but I won the Grand Prize ($100) on the NewsGuy NFL Contest. Hehe! Cool, huh? Last season I won the Grand Prize once and one Third Place (A cool NewsGuy mug) once. This is just the beginning for this season! Yeah baby! Hello,

There were some more crazy games this past weekend. Amazingly the Giants are2-1, albeit an ugly 2-1. The Browns are the same after beating the Jaguars, andthe Pats ended their losing skid after thrashing what looked like a very good Colts team.

This week there was one member that took 1st place on his own, and 2nd/3rd placecame down to the tie-breaker score in Monday Night's game with the 49ers beating the Jets 19-17(36 points).

GRAND PRIZE: $100 Cash
Winner: Mookie Kong - Excellent job with a winning percentage of 86% in getting 12 of 14 picks.

2ND PRIZE: $50 Cash
Winner: Howard Wilson II - Correctly getting 11 of 14 picks, and a tie-breaker score of 60 points

3RD PRIZE: Newsguy T-Shirt
Winner: Bill Lamb - Also getting 11 of 14 picks, and narrowly missing the tie-breaker score in guessing 61 points.

Best regards,


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