Cool Gadget

march 12, 2002

Picked up a cool gadget today. It's the Sony Micro Vault (I got the 64MB version). Basically it's a 64MB floppy disc that plugs into an USB port. For MacOS 9.x and up, Windows ME/2000/XP there is no driver install needed. Very cool! The thing is small too. It's the length of my index finger and thin as half a stack of playing cards. It has an LED that blinks it state (active, inactive, and idle). The thing is fast too, doing about 1MB/sec. Very cool gadget, maybe useful too! I have copied things from my iBook, desktop PC (at home and work), and work notebook on it. The Micro Vault is really and OEM'd version of DiskOnKey except that it has a slightly higher price tag and has that Sony-Cool-Look to it. Well worth the price if you want to carry large files (PowerPoint presentations, maybe?) or an assortment of files with you.

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