Exploring the options for the SCH-8500

october 10, 2001

Welp, you knew it would come sooner or later. I'm looking for all kinds of ways to make my new cell phone cooler since it has all this functionality -- it has a built-in PIM (phone numbers, calendar, and to-do list) and that's the first thing that I explored. Clicking in names, numbers, calendar entries, or to-do entries on the keypad of a cellphone is just as exciting as watching paint dry.

So I found this product named FoneSync Pro which comes with a serial cable and software. The serial cable connects to my PC and the software helps me sync the information between my Outlook 2000 and my SCH-8500. Well, at least that's what it's supposed to do.

The software inside the package is dated from November 2000. When I installed it, the software worked great -- but it only synchronized my Contacts. I used the Update Wizard and got the newest "driver" and it installed. But after the installation and a reboot FoneSync Pro would not start. It just sat there with the splash screen. I tried reinstalling twice, but that didn't fix it.

So here I am, frustrated with this software, I wrote the tech support but they haven't gotten back to me. So what am I supposed to do? Well, I looked on the web for other software and discovered the one and only piece of software for the SCH-8500 (and also the SCH-850, SCH-6100, N200, SPH-T100, Uproar). This software is called SCHPU and it is free.

What a great piece of software this is. Sure it's not as fancy as FoneSync Pro (it won't automatically 2-way synchronize between Outlook 2000 and my SCH-8500), but sheesh it lets me do a helluvalot more than that crappy FoneSync Pro. It lets me fiddle with the phone book, calendar, text messages, call history, alarms, to-do list, and phone settings! And most of this information can be backed up onto my computer too! Damn and this software is free.

So, I'm gonna use SCHPU while those people at FoneSync Pro try to fix the problem that causes their software to crash on my system. And SCHPU may just do the duties for me without FoneSync Pro because I don't thing I really need to sync my Outlook 2000 stuff with my phone. If you have any of the Samsung phones I listed, go get a serial cable and try out SCHPU and save yourself some keypad typing!

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